Wyo. Success Hunt..........


Received these pictures last night from a friends son who didn't say much other than the tall guy in white shirt was the big buck killer this year and was last year too.
Don't know where they hunted but they ALL were successful. I have seen the two guys before in white shirts but the others haven't a clue who they are.
The friends son is headed to NV today for his Deer hunt so can't get any info on these 5 bucks.



looks like they had a great time. . . What's the guy on the right planning to do with his rack? Looks like the other four might have a taxi bill coming. . .


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Ive seen people on this site before put a big black square over peoples faces. In this picture, I think if it were me, Id black out that jacket logo on the left =). Looks like they had a great time.



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Except for the guy second from the right, they all look kind of pissed that the tall Bill Paxton lookin dude took their money for the second year in a row.


nice deer. dont know those guys either. the guy on the left apparently plays for the Yankees.

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