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It's that time of the year folks, time to start thinking about backcountry deer and elk hunting and figuring out how you'll be getting where you need to be for hunting success. And, how you'll haul that super buck or bull off the mountain.

Yellowstone Horse Rentals, located in Star Valley has the horses you'll need to make your hunting adventure all the more enjoyable.
Trailhead delivery is available in many areas, as well as horse trailer rental.

My personal experiences with Chad's horses have been very good and they've lugged some heavy packs into remote camps numerous times for myself and my hunting buddies.

Visit Yellowstone Horse Rentals and give Chad a call for more details. Great outfit to work with!











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I rented three back in 2017. I told them up front I wanted two good riders and one packer with a panier. I also told them I needed them for two days in Wyoming then to my sheep hunt in Montana. When I got there all three were ready......all the paperwork to cross state lines ect was all in an envelope if anyone asked for it. All the tack was ready and everything.

For the money you can’t beat it. It was nice not to have to be on someone I know’s horse. That way I’m not liable if one came up lame....trust me friendships can be ruined forever. Plus the horses are used to morons riding them so they don’t get all difficult when they sense you aren’t the man from snowy river. Anyway If you need horses......don’t hesitate using these guys.



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