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I have a 12 and15 year old I would like to take hunting in Texas. Any recommendations on good outfitters? Thinking Axis and Blackbuck. Is this a fun hunt for a youth and those who have hunted is this what you would recommend hunting there?


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If you haven't done free range wild boar, I would recommend that over the two species listed as you get a lot more bang for your buck. If you are set on those two species, shop around for the type of hunt you want. They will almost all be high fence in a stand over a feeder. Honestly kind of boring to me but to each their own.


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I have had very good lucking booking hunts with Mike McKinney.
Very honest Outfitter and reasonably priced. We have been on two separate aoudad hunts with great results. His guide Tyler was great to hunt with as well.
I know he hunts the animals you mentioned.

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