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my idaho late season lone hunt
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"my idaho late season lone hunt"

hey everyone!

I was lucky enough to draw a late tag knowing that i would be in Texas for general season as i am in the Air Force. I returned home Nov. 17th and as soon as i got home i packed my gear and headed for the hills. Nervous that the end of the season was near and weather was taking a turn for the worst, i knew i had to find some bucks and quick! I glassed the first couple days and then i found one i wanted to take. I think i could have done better if i had more time but im happy.

the first pics are pics i took of other bucks that i didnt harvest then the second set are of my buck. I also did my own european mount so i posted a couple pics of that as well. I also made a video because i hunted by myself this year and wanted to share the moment. take a look, let me know what you think!!!


if you look close at that buck he is a 3 point frame but he has about a 6in. cheater on his left side and some trash around his base. he was pretty heavey and about 24 wide. I almost took him!

after i dragged him about a 1000 yards i got him close to the trail and used the 4 wheeler as a tripod and a timer to take the pics

sorry about the crappy quality, its a cell pic. ill take more

any guesses on score? i know he has weak forks but i like him

my video:

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