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Archery Mule Deer in Region 5 of Arizona (Southern, AZ)

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"Archery Mule Deer in Region 5 of Arizona (Southern, AZ)"

Hi everyone, I was just looking for a little input on a place where I can go archery mule deer hunting in Region 5, I know there are many so to be more specific I'm the kind of guy to hike miles into a spot if it means I can get away from all other hunters. So if you have an idea where I can do a successful back country hunt please let me know. Whether it's a drawn hunt or OTC (Sept, Nov, and Dec), either will work but preferably a OTC September hunt. Not asking for anyone secret spot unless of course you want to give that away;) I'm just looking for a good Unit or area to start scouting, again preferably a place that's not very accessible and holds a somewhat decent amount of deer. I'm thinking on checking out units 36a, 30b, 33, and 27. I'm located in Tucson, AZ so the closer the better but anywhere in region 5 works. I'll take any advice at all! Thank you!

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