2010 NWT Mountain Caribou
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Thanks, Brian.
The amazing thing was, I really debated on whether or not to shoot him.
I was on my10 day Dall sheep hunt in the NWT and I shot my ram on day two. I'd told my wife I was getting a caribou tag as well, in case I saw a really good one. She told me not to bring home any more caribou. (I'd already taken one in Quebec several years ago).
I told my guide I wasn't shooting a bull unless it was really good. When I asked him if he thought it would make the book, He said, OHHH YEHHH.
Then I said, well if it had double shovels, we'll go kill it!
I never got the horns stripped, but the velvet score put him in the top ten in the world, at the time I killed him. 453". Anyway, I was glad I brought him home!
My wife still doesn't like it, but she is living with it! 😁
As far as score goes it's heads and shoulders better than any trophy I have or ever will have, and I have two other book heads. It was worth the month long cold shoulder I got for bringing him home!!! :)

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