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    Deseret Ranch Ut, Inflation gone wild…

    I didn’t think about the tag buying and re selling. I overlooked that. To answer your original question, the outfitter does pay a percentage. Not to the DWR but for the use of public lands, private lands is up to the landowner. Forest service and Blm charges a percentage to use public lands.
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    Deseret Ranch Ut, Inflation gone wild…

    I could be wrong but the industry’s you referred to, the he companies buy the products and re sale them to the end consumer. Outfitters don’t buy animals and resale them. But hey it’s all in how you want to look at it.
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    Deseret Ranch Ut, Inflation gone wild…

    The animal is paid for by the hunter, that’s the tag fee. Outfitter isn’t making money for the animal, just the help to find one.
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    Crispi briksdal non insulated 10.5

    Used one season, great boots. Just want a shorter height boot. $200 half the price of new ones.
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    Spring Time Hunting Fun ... Photo Contest

    Thank you, it’s fun to help the youth. Especially my own.
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    Spring Time Hunting Fun ... Photo Contest

    daughters first turkey, first animal.
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    Dutton Archery Elk Horse/Mule Packout

    I might be able to help out. If Wild West is busy. Depending on when you are down there. Give me a call and let's talk about your plans. 4355903695
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    Fixed Blade Braodheads

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-25-19 AT 06:10PM (MST)[p]Give tooth of the arrow broadheads a try. You won't be disappointed. They are one piece.
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    archery deer, Beaver

    Pm sent
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    Draw results

    LAST EDITED ON May-10-19 AT 06:44PM (MST)[p].
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    Ppl in bed of truck

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-26-19 AT 09:24PM (MST)[p]😂😂 funniest thing I've read all day. Thanks for the laugh hoss
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    Anyone compared maven vs Swarovski?

    Thanks for the input everyone.
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    Anyone compared maven vs Swarovski?

    Just wondering if anyone has compared Swarovski 15s to maven, Zeiss, or leupold 15s. I'm sure the swaros are better, just wondering how much better for the price difference. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks
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    Looking at new boots

    I really like my crispi boots. I wear the Wyoming gtx, I'm sure most styles would be good though. Just depends on what your looking for.
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