2020 Trailcam Photos Contest ... Couple Prizes for Winner

Photo contest


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In this photo contest, let's see some of your 2020 Trailcam Photos. Share all the better ones that you've got this year. Mule deer, elk, whitetail deer, whatever wildlife (Not Humans) you've got that's fun and interesting to look at. Share them in different posts so each shows up as a separate thumbnail.
Share a little detail about the photos too! Do you have a tag? Etc.

We'll run the photo contest for afew weeks and a winner will be picked based on what I think is fun and interesting......I'll let "Likes" of photos also help guide me.

The contest prizes for the winner will be a Large European Skull Hanger and a Medium angle European Skull Hanger from Dead On Display. So you'll have one to hang a big bull elk rack from and one for your big buck. These skull hanging kits are real cool, so even if you don't win, jump over to their site (https://www.deadondisplay.com) and check them out.
Thanks to the folks at Dead On Display for the hangers! They're helping to keep Monster Muleys fun to visit, so please support them.

Visit Dead On Display!!
The hangers are 100% American made and locally sourced and the company is based in Logan, Utah.


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Here's a good buck that just started showing his face. Can't wait to chase him this fall. My wife has her first buck tag and I would love nothing more than to put this buck in front of her.


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I’d have to agree,

Changed batteries end of October last year. Pulled it in May, not a single deer.

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