2023 Alaska Brown Bear &/or Moose Hunts -$1000.00 Off


I have two Excellent 2023 Hunts left for Brown Bear &/or Moose. These are 13-day guided hunts for 2 hunters and 1 guide. Price Includes air charter and free Incidental black bear or wolverine and multiple wolves. Go here for full details: https://alaskaremote.com/hunt_specials/
Wayne Kubat dba Alaska Remote Guide Service
Cell:907-355-8568 or Work: 907-376-9568

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I have a question so can the outfitter answer this?
A hunter let’s say Gator books a hunt with whoever and has to put a upfront 50% deposit to hold his spot and the balance to be paid let’s say 30 days before the hunt starts. All good so far right? Now the language in their contract reads as “You No hunt You don’t get No money back!“ So let’s say the hunt was $30k so the hunter Gator put up $15K for his deposit for his hunt of a lifetime and now Mrs Gator won’t let the Hero in the story go on his Hunt of A Lifetime! No matter Gator losses his $15k still all good! Now here’s the Rub for me the outfitter is advertising Gator’s canceled $30k hunt. Still good! In the advertisement the outfitter under cancelled hunts is giving a $2k discount or even say $3k discount off the $30k Hunt of A Life Time! Which is Gator’s hunt of a life time Mrs Gator didn’t give the Okay! Now we all know this 50/50 rule because it’s a standard practice. So let’s make the math easy and add 2+3=5 so $2.5k. We all on board? Deposit $15k for outfitter awesome! Would thought I’d knock off $7.5k and Gator’s buddy me is going on his hunt. So outfitter makes $7.5k I get a great discount of $7.5k let’s go hunting! Now I don’t need the “ Well the outfitter has to prepay XY Z to go on this hunt! Now I’m sure a $30k hunt there’s going to be monies paid out for the things I mentioned above. I just used the $30k amount to make it easier to do the math. So what would be wrong with my idea to the outfitter? Now I’m not being a jerk here I’m just asking a question that I think of every time I see a cancelled hunt.
Thanks for your time my friends!


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That makes sense but in the current environment all that matters is supply and demand. If they can find hunters who will book for a $1,000 discount there is no need to offer a larger discount.


I had trouble following your math, but most outfitters - but maybe not all - will fully refund a deposit where the hunt is cancelled with enough notice that they can re-book at full price, maybe less a little bit for the extra hassle. If the hunt cancels 3-4 months out, a discount of a few thousand may be necessary to fill that spot, and that would be deducted from the deposit paid before refunding anything. If a hunt canceled last minute, it might take a 50% discount or more to fill the spot, and then there would be no refund.

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