A backyard buck for my daughter


We live on 80 acres here in OK, and we thankfully have a great corridor for whitetails passing through; we don't have cover for bedding, but I do plant some clover and the deer have 2 tree lines that cross the property, allowing them to funnel across our prairie grass.

I had seen this buck several times during the fall and he was the best I had seen of the bucks this fall. I knew he would be a great one for my daughter Kenzi to have a chance at. I was hoping he would travel along our rear tree line funnel where I had a ground blind set up for us, but he was sure liking the front travel corridor.

The week before mom and I got her out, he was a regular, showing himself every morning and afternoon except one. We went out one evening in a light drizzle, and eventually had 13 does and fawns feeding through. I had high hopes as the showers got heavier. Eventually it turned into a toad strangling downpour and the deer threw their tails up and ran back to the neighbor's timber.

The next morning we got back out and he came through just like clockwork. This is where our system gets a little different then most. Kenzi has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair (a Trackchair in this case for our hunting and fishing adventures). Kenzi uses a vacuum actuator to fire the weapon; when she sucks on the vacuum tube, the vacuum is changed to an electrical current via attached 12v battery, and the current pushes the actuator against the trigger on the trigger mount; she has used this system on crossbows, shotguns, and rifles. Mom sits alongside her and helps her with the vacuum tube and additional safety.

I whisper good which means I am on target and ready for them to take over. I have to stay on target no matter the time it takes for them (Kenzi tends to get buck fever really bad and blows instead of sucking on the tube). Kenzi fired and the buck ran about 15 yards and stopped, tail flickering. I jacked another round into the .30-06 and whispered good. Kenzi hit him again and he fell over about 110 yards from us.

She may not look like your "typical" hunter but she absolutely loves hunting and fishing. I have said the ability for her to put wild game and fish on the table, or in freezer or food pantry does a tremendous amount for her self-worth.

I may not kill as much big game as I have in years past, but I have gotten to where I have more satisfaction than I typically ever did.

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