AK Float Hunt


Here's a couple photos of the Alaskan Float Hunt I took my Dad and Brother on back in 2013. We were after moose and caribou. Didn't end up with a moose even though we had an opportunity. But came home with plenty of meat! And even more great memories!

Flight in with Wright Air. Amazing pilots!

First camp. Saw a moose at put in but couldn't hunt same day as we flew.

Day one we could hunt and Dad got his bull.

It was a double with Bubba getting one too.

10 days and a lot of river miles later I filled my tag. And we got a bonus bull since we could use a moose tag for another caribou.

Boats are getting heavy. Where could we put a moose now???

The next few days we were in the middle of the full migration. Thousands of animals all around us.


Full meat pole!

Amazing sunsets!


Dad didn't know what to do with all the caribou crossing in front of our rafts.

Got a little fishing in too.

Love catching grayling. Was a nice change of pace from caribou and Mt House meals.

Packed up and waiting for the flight back to civilization. After 17 days on the river we were ready.

Had a lot of meat to process before flying back down to the lower 48.
Congrats on what looks like one hell of a trip! That’s a bucket list hunt for me! Even cooler that you got to take your old man!


This trip was a great experience. It took about two years of planning and getting all the logistics and gear worked out. We used a hunt planning service that was totally worth the cost. And this is just a small sample of all the photos. We were the last group to get picked up before the winter freeze up. Had large chunks of ice floating down the river with us by the end of the hunt.

We met some great people on the river. It was the only other group of float hunters on the river. The pilots were amazing! It blows me away where they can land. The guy we rented the boats and some camp gear from was top notch. I’m happy to share any planning/logistic tips.

If this is a trip on your bucket list I would say start planning and make it happen! I can’t wait to go back and get a moose with my bow.

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