Alexus' 2016 Nevada Bull


Here is my daughter Alexus? 2016 Nevada Bull. She was able to draw this at 14 years old with only 2 points. We hunted very hard for 5 days and finally patterned this bull. She was able to make an awesome shot at 450 yards and take him. I could not be more proud of her. In 5 days we hiked 19.8 miles in some of the roughest terrain I've ever been in. She was the best hunting partner I could ask for. We nicknamed this bull ?EL Diablo? because she killed him in an absolute hell hole. I owe a huge thank you to all involved (My Wife, My Mom, Clay, Joe, Ron, Rich and Cory) for great eyes and strong backs! We couldn't have done it without them!







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Stud....especially with all the broken bulls this year. I've been told by several guys that have been out this year that this is the worst they've seen it for broken antlers!!


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Awesome bull! 14 YO? 2 points? Way to go. Congrats to you guys.


Cancer doesn't discriminate...don't take your good health for granted because it can be gone in a heartbeat. Please go back and read the last line. This time really understand what it says.


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Way to go Alexus....and Dad!

Nothing finer than seeing daughters take great animals large and small!

Well done!

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