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OK, I know this is a hunting site. I will get my trash out of here as soon as possible. I have lived in AZ for almost 2 years now. In the 80's and 90's I fished a lot of bass tournaments. Now that I am retired I want to start bass fishing again. I just bought a new to me bass boat and I already have more tackle than the law should allow. I live close to Alamo and Pleasant so I will start learning those lakes. Is there a fishing forum for AZ bass fishing? I found one but it had almost no traffic. I joined a few faceplant groups but now all I am seeing is ads for fishing gadgets. I would also like to join a bass club that has club level tournaments. If you bass fish much in AZ I would like to ask some very basic questions. Thanks
Back when I was there in the ‘80’s, lots of events were facilitated by the bass boat guys. Can’t remember the shop but it was in Tempe.

Good luck. I loved fishing Alamo. Don’t overlook Horseshoe if it gets a bunch of water ;)
I lived there for 17 years and don’t know much about the official tournaments. My boss was a fishing fool and would do a few small tournaments a year with a half dozen or so people. He would gather up other co workers or subcontractors that liked to fish + had a boat and spend a day or two at Alamo. Other times it was Apache Lake, Bartlett and Pleasant. He really liked Apache lake. All I can recommend is to just ask around the lakes you want to frequent. You will be in good company with others that are serious about it. They won’t be hard to spot. Most out there have pleasure or ski boats so the fishing boats will stand out.

I now live in Northern Arizona and also want to get back into fishing. I just got a 16' fishing boat that needs a 50hp outboard. When I get one, I plan on going to Powell, hopefully Halls Crossing. I spent a lot of years there as a kid making tons of trips. I love that place. The easiest and most economical place to bass fish for me will be Roosevelt since it’s about two and a half hours away so I will go there too. If any of you know of a good deal on one of those four stroke motors with electric tilt, start and trim, let me know, even a 40hp will be fine.
The only lake I've fished in AZ is Powell. I've been making one or two trips there a year for about 30 years. Wayneswords has a great forum with information about fishing Powell.
Used to fish Roosevelt in the 90's when the folks lived in Apache Junction, and it was good then. Now we only fish Lake Havasu when down for winter and spring. Great for both large and smallmouth.

Try talking to Manny with Arizona Custom Baits. He's big into the bass tournament scene.
"I already have more tackle than the law should allow."

No such thing...

My dad fished a lot of club level tournaments up till his passing in 2015. The pickup is the second load of tackle I took out of his garage. I had people pulling up beside me in town wondering when the yard sale would be. We looked like the fishing version of the Klampet's. I kept what I wanted and then bought 5 tables at a flee market to try and sell the excess. We sold 3k worth of tackle that day and really did not make that big of a dent in the pile
We fish Lake Powell as soon as we get a good high pressure system in late April/May!
Best lake in AZ for camping/fishing/exploring!
Yes sir, that right there is a large assortment. I imagine he'd have bought more too if he could have. Still never enough.
AZ Anglers is the facebook group you want to be on.

Check out Midweek Bass Anglers. They are a good tourney circuit for retirees.

I live in Wickenburg and fish Alamo alot. My favorite time is the dead of summer at night. Too many people for me during the cooler months.

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