Bear Hunt Little Creek, Book Cliffs


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I'll have enough points to draw the Little Creek, Spot and Stalk, Bear permit this year (unless others with more points jump over and put in). I'm familiar with the unit having already Elk and Deer hunted in the unit in the past. I'd like to draw this permit as a good excuse to spend time in the unit not just hunting for a Bear but do some scouting for a cow Bison hunt that I will (I hope) have enough points to draw soon.

If I draw the Bear permit, my plan is to hike in multiple times during the season (sept 2nd thru Nov 10th) and spend 2-3 days each time. Primarily focusing times in September and October due to the Elk and Deer hunts that occur at that time and be able to use the gut piles that likely will attract the Bears.

Now with that all being said, due to the remoteness of this unit, my wife is not very excited about me doing this by myself. She wants me to find someone to go with me. I'm open to anyone who would like to tag along and experience this beautiful place, especially viewing the abundant wildlife.

You can PM me if you're interested. Application deadline is Feb 20th.

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