Best ALL around caliber for Wyoming hunting.



LAST EDITED ON Jul-23-10 AT 07:40PM (MST)[p]What caliber hunting rifle would you choose to hunt, this state, if you only could choose one? This is for all game, not one in particular. Explain why, if you would.
probably a 300 win mag - or short mag. flat shooter for goats and deer with a good 150 grain bullet and good medicine for Elk, sheep, and moose with a premium 180 grain bullet. A 7 mag would be my second choice. You could probably do fine with a 270 or 30-06 but your distance and margin for error will be less.
I have used the 270 WSM for the past 2yrs and am very happy with the 110grn barnes ttsx (3500fps).
One shot kills on

Antelope 4
Deer 3
Elk 2
Sorry one of the elk took 2 shots.
1st was a frontal shot at 300+yrds and the 2nd was a finisher head shot.
Thank You
+1 on chipc - particularly if you are going to use factory ammo. 300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag are widely available. If you are recoil shy at all, I would go with the 30-06 first and the .270 second.
For those that don't want the hassle of hand loading, 300 win or 7mm magnum. 165 grain in 300 or 140 grain in 7mm, good for everything except a hunt in griz area. If griz, up to 180 and 165 respectively, and good to go with readily found ammo.
If handloader, one of the 30 cal magnums, same rationale.
IF recoil shy, 30-06 or 270, 280 are perfect. 30-06 is the best all around gun for the one gun person because it can be loaded from 110 grain plunkers to 220 grain bear medicine.
Too hard of question to answer. But you wouldn't see me in griz country with smaller than 30 cal and bear spray.
I bought a Sako 300 WSM last year and it would be great for everything from speed goats to elk to moose to bear! I would definitely hinge your caliber decision around the toughest critter to put on the ground...definitely don't want to have an elk run off with a bullet in him?
I myself have went full circle.i started hunting with a 30-06 forty years ago,then went to the magnum craze.7MM,300 Win. 300 WSM and 325 WSM .Now I am back to the 30-06.I can shoot it better and it has less recoil and any animal I have killed ,the 30-06 would have done as good as any mag I have owned.
That's what My brother-in law and myself are shooting, 300 and 7mm respectivly. Handloaded them up to egt some pretty good groups at 200yds. Thanks for the replies.

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