Best chest waders for Alaska hunting


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Just signed up to go moose hunting in Alaska in 2022. Would love some ideas for breathable chest waders. We'll be using some pack rafts so hip waders won't work on this trip.

I've heard that Simms G3 are the best but I'm struggling to justify $600+ for a piece of gear that won't get much use after this hunt. I'd like to find a pair that are very durable (won't tear in the Alaska brush), breathable, and relatively good for walking and hopefully <$400. I like stocking foot waders better than boot foot (seem to be able to find a boot that fits better and doesn't cause blisters).

Thanks for your input.


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I just bought the cheaper chest waders that were cabelas brand and they worked for two hunts up there. They were the stocking foot waders.

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