Book Cliffs North


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My son drew a rifle deer tag for the Book Cliffs North area.

I helped a family member on a buffalo hunt there year before last. We scouted buffalo on both the opening day of the deer hunt and the last Sat of the hunt. I really liked the looks of the Winter Ridge area but saw very few deer up there. We saw a lot more deer in the lower country.

Just wondering if it is typical for the deer to be mostly in the lower country by the rifle season.

Our expectations are to go and have fun and hopefully set eyes on a 160+ buck. Would love any feedback on better areas and tactics for the area but most interested in the elevation the deer are likely to be that time of the year.

No tags for me so far so this may become the focus for our season.


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This is the Oldest/Biggest Bodied/Roman Nosed Buck we seen during the Rut this last Fall!


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