Cache County Coyote Contest



Cache County Coyote Contest
4 Tagged Coyotes worth $1000 a piece
$4000 in Guaranteed Payouts

$1000 Sponsors
Mule Deer Foundation
Steve Sorensen Antler Buying
Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife
Critterlick Big Game Attractant

We as sportsman are in the field year-round and see the affects coyotes have on our deer herds first-hand. We see the amount of deer they kill and want to do something about it.

Four coyotes have been ear tagged and released in different wintering grounds and fawning areas around Cache County. If you trap or shoot an ear tagged coyote, on or before December 31, 2013, you will be paid a $1000. Any of the tagged coyotes not taken by December 31, 2013, will go into our drawing and will be awarded to a registered coyote. Be sure to register your coyotes as they may be worth $1000 if no ear tagged coyotes are taken.

Cost is $20 per person to register an unlimited amount of coyotes. Each coyote registered gives you one chance in the drawing. Registrations must be made on, or before, December 31, 2013. If you do not register your coyotes, you will not be eligible for any of the prizes in the drawing or any untaken, $1000 coyotes. All you need is the coyote?s nose to register. Call Steve Sorensen to register your coyotes. (435)245-3497

Eleven other prizes to be given away in the drawing are:
?Three 1-year memberships to Mule Deer Foundation
?$100 in big game attractant from Critterlick
?Custom muzzle break from Ak Gunsmithing Wellsville, UT
?Free alignment & tire rotation from Hyrum Tire
?Three 1-year memberships to Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife
?Two $100 Cal Ranch gift cards donated by Goring Sheep Ranch

All coyotes that are registered must be killed in Cache County. Participants must obey all Federal and Utah State laws.

We would love to see your Cache County coyote hunting pictures. Please send them to [email protected]
Here is a pic of one of the ear tagged coyotes.
If it works well in the cache, we might just spread it around the state. I put a lot of time and money into this and I hope it works. Hey if your close it may be worth the drive to come up.
You know the good thing about this is you don't need to register unless you kill one. Bring me by some and we can get you registered. Any of the ones Mike put up for you that you got in cache can be registered also.
Are all four of the tagged coyotes still out there?? I was going to wait until the last one before I fire up the ski doo and run him down with the SKS......give you greenhorns a chance.
Yep, all 4 are still alive. It might be registered dogs that win all the $1000 spots. You had better straighten out your sights on that sks. I adjusted them for you last time you left your truck unlocked at the trail head.
Seen a coyote today in the cache that had mange. Hope he spreads it to all his buddies.
I saw one a couple weeks ago with it. Really bad case, his tail was down to the bone.

You don't get much at the fur buyer with a mangy dog though.
Hey smitty, how are the deer looking up your way? Every thing we saw today looked real healthy, especially for this time of year. There isn't much snow but the coyotes still pounded the heck out of the deer.
Dude, they actually look pretty good, at least the ones up on the hill. Way less snow up there than down in town, a few town deer are looking rough. I stopped to watch a small group feed on some grass, and even though they looked a bit rough, they were still very clear eyed, alert, and healthy looking.

Hope spring gets here, I've had an a$$full of winter.

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