Caribou, Oryx, Elk, Deer or Antelope


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I’m retiring in June and plan to do as much hunting in the next few years as humanly possible! I have done a few hunt swaps with good results and will now have enough time to be a more available host and a more flexible guest! Here are the hunt options I have to offer:

Alaska Caribou (archery)
New Mexico off range oryx
Colorado deer, elk, antelope & bear
MO whitetails/turkey
WY antelope

None of these hunts would really be for “record book” animals. However, I have harvested two P & Y caribou in AK and two P & Y mule deer in CO. Most of the units I hunt will hold solid representative animals with an occasional bruiser.

I’m looking for almost anything when it comes to hunting. I love experiencing new and interesting hunts and I also love hunting familiar species like Elk, deer, antelope and bear in the west, Midwest or south. I love fishing too! I have points in AZ, NV, WY, UT and CO. I plan to hunt WY region G in this September and should be able to draw an archery tag for the AZ strip sometime in the next few years. I prefer archery but muzzy and rifle are options too.

If you are interested in swapping something, you can email me at


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