SOLD Custom 7 PRC Build


7 PRC built on a Pierce Engineering Shadow action with 20 moa rail. 24" Proof Research barrel thread 5/8-24 and fitted with a Salmon River Solutions Ti Chub brake. Bix & Andy Tacsport trigger, Hawkins M5 bottom metal with a Wyatts box and follower. Barreled action is bedded in a Manners EH1 swamp camo stock with two left side flush cups and a pic rail up front. Weighs just under 7-1/4 lbs on my scale. Rifle was broke in and verified for accuracy with 180gr Berger Hybrids. I also have one box of Peterson brass that was used for break in and accuracy testing that will come with the rifle.
$4450 plus shipping and insurance.

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Target pics would he nice and why are you selling it?
I'm the smith who built the rifle and put this together for someone looking for a nice light weight hunting rifle without the long lead time waiting for parts.

I wasn't trying to ring every bit of velocity out of it and was just wanting to make sure it wasn't going to have any accuracy issues. I loaded up some rounds with a charge I used in the previous rifle and seated them at a couple of different depths to see how they would shoot. 68gr of Retumbo gave a velocity of 2925 in this 24" barrel. The flyer definitely could have been me but either way I think it's going to be no problem dialing this thing in.


I zeroed the scope on it and took it along when testing a different rifle just to take a couple of shots with it at distance, and the dope spit out by my Sig Kilo range finder was spot on.

630 Yard Gong

700 Yard Gong
I have a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 that I used for testing the rifle that I can add to the package. If that's something you wanted to include with the rifle I can figure out what I would to get for it, for a turn key package for you.
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Add another 1600 for the scope sitting in Nightforce ultralite rings. I can mount it and bore site it or ship it seperately.
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