Daughter's 1st Mule Deer Buck


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On a cold 2 degree Montana evening tonight my daughter filled her very 1st Mule deer buck tag. I couldn't be more Proud of her and the patience's to wait for the buck to give her the shot for a successful outcome. She has been applying and waiting 4 years to draw this tag. She comes home just about everyday from school and says Dad!!! are we going hunting tonight how could I say no to that..I know in my heart and mind these days will be gone soon enough, We all need to take a step back and cherish time well spent weather its a good day or bad day...Its been 18 days since opening day and she will be 18 on the 18th its a blood moon tonight so I would say all her stars where aligned today ?..
Well I'm sure you all just want to see the pictures so here Ya go...



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