Disabled Veteran Non resident Deer Hunt


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I am looking for any information on this draw. My uncle meets the requirements to put in. He would like to apply for a good Whitetail unit. Are these hunts a lottery draw meaning tons apply ? I am just scratching the surface here, so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
All tags are sold including Disabled Vet(DAV). Very few of these offered and you have to provide the info and show as DAV in their system before the sale happens. Sorry.

I have a very good friend who has hunted with me here for 20yrs who is 100% disabled vet and he went from buying his tag when he got here, 10yrs ago, to not getting a tag at all, DAV or otherwise, now. Sucks for us, been hunting together since we were 15. 55 now.
there are still some whitetail tags left otc. when i lived on that end of the state otc hunts were fairly easy to harvest but recent years have had significant die offs so I dont know herd health right.

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