Driver runs 10 elk off of legde


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LAST EDITED ON Dec-29-08 AT 11:33AM (MST)[p] Apparrently a herd of ten to fifteen elk were on the road in Provo canyon this weekend walking down the road. From what we were told at my work was that cars started to slow down once they saw the elk on the road and slowed down, waiting for them to cross the road. One driver took the shoulder and spooked some elk off the road and over a ledge dropping about fourty feet. six of the ten that fell died. They did get the cars license plate number that took off...what a waste..
If that story is true, the driver should be charged with the destruction of wild game.
Just watched about this at 6pm an channel 2 news.The DWR said the driver showed no remorse and said the driver just hearded the elk down the road and off the ledge.DWR said they are looking into trying him on animal cruelity among other things.It showed the herd running down the middle of the freeway.(ROD)
You guys are overlooking the real problem here. It's not just one Utard behind the wheel, because there are millions of them. I deal with them every day.

The real issue is that brand new big highway up the middle of Provo canyon. It's sure nice to drive on, but you will always sacrifice wildlife to build a road like that through the canyons.

Get used to stories like this because this is just the beginning of the slaughter in that canyon. Six dead elk in that canyon is a drop in the bucket compared to what the next few years will bring.

There is no place for them to cross anymore, so get used to death and carnage in that canyon.

I'll admit it's sure nice to drive that new highway now, but there is always a price to pay and the animals will be the ones paying.

Punishing one more Utard isn't going to save the next group to step on the pavement, but I hope they drill him anyway.
While I agree there are plenty of bad drivers out there....I will have to disagree on the future carnage the road will bring.
Yes...every year, hundreds of animals get hit on the roads; but this is the price we pay for urbanization and the likes. The road in provo canyon needed to be updated to suffice the demands of growth. The section of road that is split on two levels definitely isn't game friendly, but there are ways to avoid them jumping to their demise. They have put up game fence to help keep them out, but as we have seen this doesn't stop 100% of the game getting onto this section. Several cars stopped/slowed to try and herd the elk to a lower section so they could cross. The problem lies with the idiot who decided he was in too big of a hurry and didn't care enough about living animals. Accidents happen, this was not one of them. He took away animals for all of us to enjoy and he should be fined heavily. We have taken over and spread civilization into the lands these animals have foraged for centuries, the least we could do is respect them.
LAST EDITED ON Jan-02-09 AT 04:51PM (MST)[p]Maybe they should make migration bridges instead of more houses.
Elkslam, you make it seem as if luxury homes built higher and higher on every stinkin' hillside are not just what Utah needs. There are a lot of Californians that need second homes in the mountains that they can stay in for 3 weeks out of the year during their ski vacations. Who's going to look out for their interests?
I bet he was trying to get them to drop their antlers so he could get a jump start on the rest of ya

Stay classy Utah!

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