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My dad got a call yesterday and a late bull tag became available and he was next in line and got the tag. He is getting up there in age so I’m glad he drew the tag while he can still hike a little bit. We are not very familiar with the area so if anyone could help us out a little bit it would be much appreciated. I plan on spending the whole hunt up there with him to help him shoot a nice bull. He’s only shot one bull in his life so I plan on pushing the old man pretty hard to get him a mounter. It kinda sucks to find out this late because we would of went out and scouted but I’m not sure if we will be able to get out before the hunt because of work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Scouting for a late hunt now won’t do you any good. Most bulls go to completely different ground in November than where you find them today.

Same scenario happened to my old man this year. He got a call from DWR last week saying someone turned in a late season Manti elk tag and my dad was next in line. Dad just got his tag and tooth data packet in the mail yesterday. He’s 73. I know the manti late season elk spots pretty well. But Fishlake....I have no clue where they go to winter.

Your best bet is to go out on Halloween weekend and scout. Where you find them then, is where they will be the following week of the opener.


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It depends on the year. I know a few years ago on the late hunt. It was warm and the first week the bulls where still up high or normal areas like in October. But the second weekend the snow came in and they started to move. I would say just spend as much time on the mountain as you can. Learn the trails and watch the bulls. A couple weekend a month and enjoy the high country. It's gods country up there !


Went there last year to see what it was like. Really didn’t know where to even start so I drove around found some vantage points and started glassing. I also watched for hunters or others glassing to get an idea where to look by the end of opening day saw at least a dozen bulls. It was warm last year and the elk were lower than they are early season. They like the thick stuff and areas with pines near winter grounds.
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Elevation depends. some years they’re still high as they could get but most years they are just scattered in little groups top to bottom.

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