Gunwerks Elevatate 2.0 bipod

I'm not sure which one it is, whatever my McWhorter and MOA rifles came with standard.

It has a lot of adjustment on the mounting and it says it fits all the common rails.
Dang. They’re 4-5” away from that being usable to shoot sitting down. Make each section 1.5” longer and you’d have a winner in my book.
None of the quality lightweight bipods are cheap.

You're correct, only a midget could shoot from a sitting position. but if you made it longer you'd add weight and it would be too tall in the lowest position. I don't think the intent was an all around bipod, it is for long range hunters that want as much as they can get from a small light package. for that purpose they nailed it.
so far version 2.0 has been great for me. Stability is about equal to my atlas CAL with much faster/better height adjustments, lighter weight. It’s a winner as long as it continues to hold up.
I looked at those and they're nice. buy a sitting position bipod on a long range rifle is useless to me. if I can't get down and get something under the stock it's a no go, and if it's not a long shot I'll improvise.

This bipod is designed for long range shooters from a prone position, it's by Gunwerks so what else would you expect.
Finally got mine. Seems pretty solid so far. I’ve used the Hatch for several years, and I won’t be getting rid of that one either.

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