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First of all, I hope that many of you get involved with this. I think it'll be fun and entertaining.

NOTE: This forum is FULLY-MODERATED, meaning the stuff that is posted will not immediately be visible. It ALL has to be approved. And, only owners of threads can reply to their own threads. All else will be removed. Please be patient as I try to approve threads and posts as often as I can.

I encourage you all to not only share your adventures here in this forum, but also share some of the highlights and such in state or species forums.


Our Hunt Adventure Challenge sponsor is Easton Outfitters. They offer some awesome packs, tents, trekking poles, shooting sticks, and even an apparel line. I ask you all to take some time and look at all the goodies they have to offer. Easton has been huge in the outdoor and hunting world for a long time, and they have a reputation of building reliable gear.

Here's how it works..............

1 - Each of us who want to share our 2014 adventures can create a thread and post photos, video, stories, etc. Just tell about your 2014 pre-season prep, scouting trips, hunts, etc.

2 - If you have kids, set them up a seperate thread to share their video, photos, and such.

3 - If your thread grows really huge, then create a new thread and post a link to the other one in both threads. Lots of photos could cause it to load slow, and I'm hoping you all share LOTS of photos and videos.

4 - We have setup code that allows you all to embed Youtube clips right in a thread here on the site. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to email me. But try it. Always hit preview before posting anything and it'll show you exactly how it'll appear in the final post.

5 - This forum is FULLY MODERATED, meaning I or a moderator will have to approve everything. We're doing this because the only person that will be allowed to post to a thread is the user who created the thread. All other posts to the threads will not be allowed. So, for example, I will be the ONLY one to post to the "Founder's 2014 Hunting Adventures" thread. We're doing that so that the threads don't get riddled with questions and chit-chat. Questions and stuff can be posted in other forums, and again, I encourage you to share highlights in other forums as well.

6 - At the end of the year, we'll pick winners. Users of the site, myself, and moderators will decide on winners based on which threads are most exciting, packed with video and photos, with the best animals, etc. Whether you're going guided this year or DIY, share your adventures with us all....from beginning to end. Tell us about your pre-season training, scouting, shooting exercises and practices, a little about each day of your hunts, photos, some video, some live game if possible, and hopefully some harvested game.

7 - Be sure to only create one thread per user, unless as I stated, your thread becomes huge with lots of pics and such.

8 - As each Hunt Adventure Challenge thread is created, I will add a counter to the thread so that you guys can see how much it's being viewed. It could take me a couple days, but I'll get it added.

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The prizes are as follows......
* Grand Prize: Rimrock 2P Tent
* (2) Runner-Up Prizes: Stakeout Day Pack

PS - I need a couple folks to help moderate the Hunt Adventure Challenge forum. Basically, make sure that what is submitted gets approved or denied so that posts aren't sitting in the que too long. Any volunteers????

Brian Latturner
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