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I’ve been looking into to new bows and figured we need a new topic here any how.
I’ve been shooting Hoyt since 2002 and have absolutely loved the turbo line. My favorite of all time being the Faktor turbo. Since Hoyt came out with the technology on the Rx5 and newer I can not bring myself to buy one. I do NOT like binary cam technology, or the one size fits all cam either. Us guys with shorter draw lengths are at a huge disadvantage with these types of cams. Reminds of the tech in an old school Tom Cat . I thought about jumping ship and grabbing a bow tech but same thing with them. I’m thinking I’m going to settle for the RX4 turbo since it’s the last of the 3 cam system and true cam and a half. I guess the real question is is there enough of a difference from the RX2 to the RX4 to justify a purchase?
Any thoughts?
have you looked into the Hoyt torex + ( the torex with some sort of up grade) ?
My wife shoots that and it’s pretty nice and not to expensive, a bit heavy.

I’m looking at the bow tec Carbon zion but admittedly I know nothing about compound bows being a recurve guy.
I shot the Bull in my Avatar with it last year along with a few deer. I am shooting 65 lbs. 425 grain arrow set up. 100 grain Magnus Black Hornet. The shot on my bull was very steep at 30 yards. The arrow entered behind the left front shoulder and the broadhead was in in his right rear knee.
Deer were broadside and complete pass throughs.

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