Looking for small moose shed


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Looking for small moose shed

Hey guy's, thought I would try here, my cousin from Kentucky, is looking for a small moose shed,(Shiras) for his wall, we were at elk fest at Jackson and they were pretty proud of them. He wants a brown in good shape, please send me a pm., with pic and price. Thanks!

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RE: Looking for small moose shed

I have some small ones I could part with for the right price. What are you looking to offer for one? It would have to be $100+. There's a couple california guys that pay big money for them to carve out and re-sell. Moose sheds are hard to come by anymore, so I would have a hard time giving one up for cheap.



RE: Looking for small moose shed

Umm...you mean small? Like a little fork horn? Yeah, I have one of those. I also have some that are what I consider to be "normal" that perhaps you consider to be small? I guess I don't really know what you are looking for, but I do have several that I would sell. All fresh brown from this spring. Just shoot me a PM with more details on what you are looking for...

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