Mountain Goat Success


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Just finished up my friend's mountain goat hunt video. I used my cell phone (which I will never do again) and my video camera to video his hunt, which is why the focus shifts in some of the frames. This was my first mountain goat hunt and to say it left me wanting more is an understatement. Mountain goats live in some of the most rugged, steep, nasty country with breathtaking vistas that leave you speechless.
Next up is a Desert Bighorn video that I need to finish up. Enjoy

Oddly enough, they were factory rounds but yes, he did need to shoot better.
That IS odd that a factory round would jam the lands enough to pull the bullet BUT stranger things have happened.

I did totally LOVE what you did with the video!
Well done to all.

I cant watch this. I Can't stand Brad!!!!!!. Just kidding. I have know him for 20 plus years with a few hunting trips together. Best one was when we were in high school and we went archery elk hunting. We did get one bull. Next year for our senior trip we went black bear hunting. Great guy. Nice work on the video
Creedmoor for a goat?
Why not??
I know nothing about the creedmoor, but I think he said he was shooting 140 gr Hornady. I took mine with one shot at under 300 yards last year. Shooting a 270WSM with 140 gr. Accubond. Mine was straight up above me, and it dropped in it’s tracks and started tumbling. Pretty amazing sight to watch it tumbling right towards me.
Congratulations to your buddy! Solid name as well haha. Great video and surprisingly how good it was only using a cell. Looks like a great, fun hunt. I hope
To draw a mtn goat tag once in my life.
Congrats! Great video and memories. Getting closer to a Utah Mtn Goat hunt. Would love to do it with my bow but first get a tag and then go from there.

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