Nevada Buck


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Just after sunup Friday morning we caught a glimpse of a white faced buck duck into some sparse cedar trees about 2 miles away. After watching closley for over an hour we knew he had to be bedded in there somewhere. We moved to a different location that would allow us to possibly find him laying down. It didn't take long and we had him located on the shaded side of a big cedar. We could only see his right side but that was all it took for Jaden to say "lets go get him".

We devised a quick game plan that would leave my dad watching through the spotter while my son Jaden, who had the tag, and I would work our way to an adjacent ridge to hopefully get a shot at the bedded buck. 30 minutes later we were getting close to the spot we thought we could get a shot when my dad got us on the radio and said the buck was up and feeding and it wouldn't be long before he fed over another ridge. We hustled to the top but he was already out of sight. i knew the canyon he dropped into was thick with trees and he would be tough to find him but with only a few days to hunt we decided to be aggressive. We made our way to the next ridge and sat and glassed for over an hour but couldn't turn him up. By now it had been over 3 hours since we first spotted him and it was getting hot. Instead of making the long hike back to my dad I had him drive around the back side to pick us up on a road that was a little closer and would give us a chance to look over some new country. We started down the ridge when we heard some crashing just below us and 75 yards away out pops the buck and he looked big. I hissed to Jaden SHOOT....SHOOT! I never let my boys pack a rifle with a bullet in the chamber so as smooth as he could he chambered a round and free standing raised the rifle and dropped the buck in his tracks. We couldn't believe it. The buck was bedded within 75-80 yards the whole time. We made our way to the buck and celebrated with high fives and hugs. It was great to spend time with my dad and my son on the mountain and to make memories that will last forever.






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Wow. congrats to your Son....right place, right time,,,thats hunt'n....great story and pics,,,
Great memories....nice shooting young man.....a buck to be proud of for sure......thanks for sharing...if you mount or plack him....if you get a chance...please post up a pic of the finished set of horns....



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Absolutely nothing beats hunting with your kids! Except maybe hunting with your kids AND father at the same time!!! ;-)

Good show!!



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