New hunter looking for private land in NM


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Hey Everybody! I'm a brand new bow hunter (I've done small game all my life) and I've never tried for a deer or an elk. Two weeks ago I received my NM hunting/fishing license and it comes with a free deer hunt each year but it's only for private land.

I'd like to get one jan1-15 if possible so I need some land quite soon as I believe I have to have at least two weeks between purchasing the tag and the actual hunt.

I'm located in Elephant Butte and I don't know anyone with land let alone land with deer. I've looked at the onX app or w/e it's called for private lands near me and there are a bunch but I have no idea how to contact the people. Do I send a letter to their tax address or should I try to show up in person? It all seems quite overwhelming.
I can travel so I'm not restricted to this area.

I'm not looking for a trophy, just some food. If anyone out there could give me pointers it would be much appreciated. If anyone has/knows of some land that might grant me permission that would be appreciated as well. I don't know the customs that come with hunting someone else's land so I'd need to learn that as well. I imagine I'll need pay someone or do some work for them. I dunno for sure.

thanks a bunch,


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Not many land owners will let a complete stranger access/hunt there property anymore. You could do try an advertisement ? Best advice I have is find a mentor and start out scouting the public.


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Welcome to the obsession! Private land access to hunt is tough.

With that said your best bet is to put some miles on the truck driving around the areas you intend to hunt and look for deer from the road. Pick some high spots and glass. Once you find ground that holds deer use your OnX to find out who the landowner is. If the ranch house isn't obvious try googling the landowner's name and get an address. If it is dress nice, no camo, be respectful and knock on the door and explain to them what you're looking for. Ask if you can hunt and tell them when you're looking to hunt. If you can't find their house and they are from another area call them. If you are a veteran it never hurts to drop that too.

You probably won't have luck on the large ranches as they are probably leasing their ground to an outfitter or outfit themselves. The smaller pieces are more likely to not be leased and you may just get lucky.

You'll probably mostly get no's but if they say no be sure to thank them for their time and then ask them if they know any landowners that may allow access. Just remember the WORST they can say is "no". You won't know until you ask.

Good luck. Hopefully you find a place.


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Hey buddy, I find that the old fashion way is the best way in this case. Just drive up and be neighborly , let them know you’re looking to hunt in January and it’s either a yes or no answer. I always start with “ What would you charge me to hunt here”?
Good luck

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