New Mexico - 23 Burros Coues


I drew the NM 23 - On Burros Coues Buck tag for December 4-12!!!

I have been a long time lurker on this forum, but first time poster. My original plan was to DIY with my brother, but circumstances have changed so I will be flying solo. I have already contacted Tommy (crazyaboutcoues) and will be utilizing his mapping package.

If anybody wants to tag along, meet new people, look at new country, and glass for the grey ghost, you are more than welcome to come along. Feel free to shoot me a PM.


Wish I would have seen this post earlier! I would have helped you out Landing208. I have been hunting 24 for a few years for whitetail and a little in 23 Burros for mulies and have seen WT. I had the WT hunt in 24 this year right before Thanksgiving, it was tough. We'll see what i drew this year, I put in for 23 and 24 this year for WT.
I too would like to know how you did!
How did you do vichris?

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