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Hey gang...I just pulled a tag for a cow elk in GMU 20, Colorado (the Rabbit mountain open space cull hunt). Man, talk about jumping through hoops. The hunt is in Boulder country so the folks there get to set some rules that don't apply to other hunts here. The one that I'm concerned with their requirement that I will be using non-toxic bullets instead of lead. I've always used full sized (not sabots) Powerbelt aerotips (copper plated over lead) so this saboted solid copper thing is a whole new deal. Barnes makes solid copper bullets, but they aren't full sized to my bore, they are Sabots. One type they have, a TEX I believe, is 250 grains, another, an MZ, is 300 grains. My question is; Has anyone here used these bullets and how do they perform? I haven't shot sabots and see that they are .45 caliber designed to fit my .50 caliber Omega. Are they less accurate than regular conicals? Anything I should watch for or be concerned with?? Thanks for any help anyone can offer on this question.


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Take a look at THOR. All copper made by Barnes.I shoot the 300 grain out of a CVA with 100 grains, measured by volume, of Blackhorn 209.
Thor will send you a sizing kit to find the correct one that fits your bore.
With a fiber optic front sight and a rear peep,legal for CO, this load shoots baseball size groups at 100 yards and when scoped, the same load shoots shoots silver dollar or smaller size groups.


Thor bullets are the way to go. Get the sizing kit and purchase the bullets your MZL needs. I, too, shoot mine with 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder.

Good luck!


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Sabots are not legal in Colorado during muzzleloader season. Do you have the rules for this boulder county hunt? Never heard of such a thing.

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