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Brian Campbell and the folks at Birch Creek Guide Service have some hunts available right now for those of you thinking about bucks and bulls in Oregon.

5 day 146 Murders Creek Rifle Buck hunt, Fully outfitted, outfitter tag available and included in price. Dates 10-7 to 10-11 or 10-14 to 10-18. (2x1)- $4,750, (1x1)- $5,750

7 day 246R Murders Creek Archery, Fully outfitted. Dates 9-2 to 10-1. (2x1)-$4,500.00, (1x1)-$5,500.00

7 day 247R Northside Archery, Fully outfitted. Dates 9-2 to 10-1. (2x1)-$4,500.00, (1x1)-$5,500.00

5 Day 246X Murders Creek Rifle bull elk hunt. Fully outfitted, outfitter tag available and included in price. Dates 11-1 to 11-5. (1x1)-$6,500.00 (I only have one tag available)

9 day 246A West Murders Creek Rifle either sex hunt. Fully outfitted, outfitter tags available and included in price. Dates 11-11 to 11-19 (2x1)-$6,000.00, (1x1)-$7,000.00

Outfitter tags available for all of the above hunts. Outfitter tags are only available to non-residents, do not take any preference points to obtain, or need to be drawn. They are unit wide tags, but must be purchased prior to March 31st.

What to expect
Both Northside and Murders Creek archery hunts are strenuous hunts. Hunters need to be in relatively good shape for these hunts, not necessarily climb Mount Everest shape, but be able to cover some miles by foot, day in and day out. Hunters should plan on the possibility of spike camping out. Many times during the archery hunts, we can end up on bulls right up to dark, and be miles in from any road. In situations like this, it makes more sense to overnight it at our current location, and start back after the bulls first thing the following morning vs hiking all the way out, then all the way back in. Lodging for archery season is a tent camp accommodation.

Rifle hunts:The rifle hunts are not as strenuous as the archery hunts. We will still cover some miles on foot, but we spend a lot of time sitting and glassing until we find an animal big enough to go after. For both elk and mule deer hunts, we always try to find the oldest, most mature animals we can find, but at the end of the day, if we find a younger animal that the client is happy with, then that's what we will try to harvest. There are consistently mule deer bucks in the 160+ range, and bulls in the 300+ range harvested in the Murders creek unit. Through a large amount of time spent preseason scouting, we'll do everything in our power to find animals of these calibers. Lodging for both the deer and elk rifle hunts are also tent camp accommodations.




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