Organization to help fight for our rights in ca.


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Some of you might have birds mounted by Steve, here is a worthwhile group he is heading up.We as outdoorsman in ca. are losing ground almost daily,here is a way to help make our voices heard before we can't hunt at all.


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Best of luck to Steve and the Outdoor Heritage Network. He is undertaking an extremely difficult task, and will definitely need the support of many individuals to create the logistical standards necessary to pull of his lofty goals. I'll be contacting Steve within the next few days to explore his ideas a bit further and offer whatever help I can. Thanks for posting.

There's a reason momma made you eat your vegetables! It works for mule deer too, just ask me how!


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Had a great conversation with Steve last week, he's got a solid plan to unite us as a way of defeating the antis with numbers. Uniting hunters, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Signed the family up already, sign yours up if you have the desire to keep your heritage.


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I also talked with Steve last week and I agree he has a great plan. I would hope all of you lend a hand and forward the information to everyone who hunts or fishes in Ca. Our input will be invaluable for future hunting and fishing in this state. Way to go Steve! Sourkraut


Hey guys pass this along to everyone you know that hunts or fishes.
This is really something we need to get rolling the right direction.

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