OTC Elk Saint Johns Area


I hope all you fellow hunters are doing well.

My brother and myself didn't get drawn for an Archery Elk tag this year and are gonna try our luck with an OTC tag in the 2 units. We typically hunt 3B and unit 10 over the years. We're somewhat familiar with the area but don't know it super well. We plan on doing a fair bit of scouting and lots of digital homework. My hope is someone local might be able to just give us some basic points and our tips on where we should start with putting our boots on the ground. When Is the best time in that area is to come up and scout. We have zero issues packing hiking in anywhere. We plan on hunting in the middle part of September and we have had luck during the rut with past hunts calling and spot and stalking. If anyone has had experience on this hunt and is willing to share a few tips and or is a local that is willing to help with basic points to maybe start it would be greatly appriciated.

The St. Johns area will have a lot of pressure. The best part of the OTC hunt is over. I live in Holbrook and when they opened up a lot of areas that were closed off in 4B and 3A last year, it was an out and out slaughter for the first maybe three days. After that, it was as worthless as you expect. I still see small groups of elk near me, but don’t expect to get anything big. You may want to get a cow if the opportunity presents itself because that may be the only chance you get at shooting any type of elk. September will give you a little advantage, but it’s still kind of hot and you will need to be better prepared, it sounds like you will with a helper brother and some pre planning.

Just remember it’s an elk tag in Arizona anyone can buy so you won’t be alone. The elk that are left will be known by multiple people.

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