Powder river deer region C


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Here there are lots of deer along the powder river area of region C.
Planning an antelope hunt in unit 22 and wonder if anyone has deer hunted there in the past.
I plan to scout it for deer while on antelope hunt.
Are there mostly whitetail there and does anyone see many deer there?

Thanks for any input.
It is just one of many places on a list of scouting spots in Wy. for future deer hunts.


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LAST EDITED ON Jun-10-17 AT 08:35PM (MST)[p]One time years ago and I'd never go there just for deer since most are on the private properties right along the river and know they're safe there when the season opens. IMHO you'd have to hunt pretty hard to kill a decent mulie buck on the public land, but there are some there and quite a few whitetails just like there are along most river bottom areas throughout the state.


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Most have said the trophy quality is not there for deer or antelope. But, it seems that there are lots of antelope and I wondered how the deer population was.
Though obviously population numbers on private lands won't be as helpful for the DIY guy.
Thanks for the information.
Always good to get the opinions of experienced members like you guys here.
Good luck this year.


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Been quite a few years since I hunted Region C for muleys, had a Unit 23 trespass hunt for antelope same year and decided to make a combo out of it for my buddy. I only bought a goat tag. We explored the larger BLM chunks along the Powder as well as a few of the 1/4 and 1/2 section parcels that intersect public roads scattered between Gillette and Sheridan. We averaged 2-3 buck sightings/day during the second week of the season. He passed 2 18-20" 4x4 bucks, missed a 145-155" 4 point (real nice tall but narrow buck, by far best deer we saw) as it came out of the sage hills to hit an alfalfa field at dusk, then killed a 21" 3 point on the last day. Not an easy hunt, but thought we did well considering it was the 2nd week and gauging from the # of gut piles from both deer and antelope that littered the public land tracts from opener pressure. All that said, I would probably never hunt that region again. It's a pattern one can observe anywhere, but the frustration of seeing scores of muleys piled into irrigated private fields with desolate public land surrounding them was a re-occurring theme.

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