Prince of Wales for Sitka deer


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My hunting partner and I are looking into POW for a deer hunt. With the 1 deer limit now on Kodiak, area 8 is no longer of interest to us as we would like to get the most for our dollar. I don't see any recent threads or posts about this so I thought I would start one. We are interested in either a boat based hunt or a cabin based hunt. I'm looking for any recommendations for "outfitters" or places that offer cabin / truck packages for the DIY hunter. I've seen a few outfits like Coffmans and Thorne Bay offering the cabin / truck package. We like the idea of being able to do some fishing also, so the boat based option looks good also.
Hunt the alpine up high (hike) if going early. Hunt the clear-cuts on the rd system if going late. Put your camping crap in your truck and ferry out there. Sept, good coho fishing in the rivers and mouths.

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