Proposed WY sheep quotas for 2015


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Saw the proposed quotas for 2015. Good news and some bad.

4 tags for area 12, up 2. That means 1 will be a NR tag. Area 4 is up from 12 to 20. Shows recovery from winter kill several years ago.
Area 2 down 1, Area 3 down 1, Area 5 down from 49 to 32. There will be some disappointed hunters that have been holding out for 5.

19 stays at 8. Area 7 up 3.

That's the high points. Remember these are proposed and haven't been approved by the G&F Comm.

from the "Heartland of Wyoming"


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"so you're saying there's a chance" LOL

Thanks, Kilbuc, for sharing the proposed numbers with us. Looks like some areas are improving and some are not. Dang sheep!


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