Stationed in PDX, got a week for late season deer in western Oregon ….tips?


Hey all,

I’m very grateful for all the help I’ve received on this forum. It’s been a great resource for someone who doesn’t know any hunters. So , thank you !

I have the rest of this week off once I get off duty tomorrow and was going to make a last ditch effort to fill a deer tag here in Oregon’s late season archery on the west side.

I’ve been looking at harvest numbers and doe to buck ratios.

I’m thinking of going to the Santiam or McKenzie units and hoping for at least a doe.

I’ve only killed deer with a tree stand while stationed in Louisiana last year and on my aunts land in Washington this year on a Blacktail.

Does anyone have tips for this part of the year? I was looking at snow levels and there are some wilderness areas that aren’t covered that I assume draw less people due to the ATV restrictions.

Should be lots of deer around the Fire Scars in those areas. I heard they opened up some of them this year and they had high success in them. That being said with the recent and upcoming weather (rain) be aware of trees coming down and landslides. Might look for some BLM or Forest service land near private ag ground. Not sure if the rut is still on, maybe try a little rattling.
Thanks for the tips! Does rain/wind drive them to calmer , more open spaces? I imagine the loss of heating and smell makes them more skittish….
Rain and Wind are the best times to hunt them, gets them up and moving around. I have usually found them in more open stands of bigger timber. I am by no means an expert like some folks are.
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