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I just wanted to pass along that I was recently in the market for a gun safe. I looked at every make and model out there and narrowed it down to a few. The issue I was having was the costs for some of the safes, which end up looking like a showroom furniture piece. I wanted a solid safe, with thick metal walls/doors, fire protection that I could put in my garage that wouldn't cost a fortune.

The first thing I realized when looking at gun safes was the incredible difference between 7 gauge and 12 gauge steel. The cheaper safe companies generally use 10-12 gauge steel for the exterior walls and once I saw how thin it was I knew it had to be 7 gauge or thicker. Some of the better safe companies will use thicker steel if you opt for it, but when I priced out a safe with these companies the price was way too high.

I found Sturdy Safes in Fresno, California, and they make and build a variety of safe in their facilities. I visited their shop to look at their safes and it was there that I saw how thick 7 gauge and even 4 gauge really was. Their safes are not the showroom piece of furniture like the other companies, but are awesome for a garage, and at much less cost then most other bigger name brands.

I ended up selecting the 42W x 27D x 72H model safe and opted to go with the 4 ga steel body, 3/8" door, fire protection and a spin dial. The safe weighs 1450 lbs!

I tried attaching a few picts, but for some reason the MM server isn't letting me upload them.

Good luck!

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