Swinging for the Fences


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Will be an interesting coming year for hunting. Struck out in AZ already, and points in other states are either low or none. Moved 300 miles across the state to a new area that I know nothing about, and 10X more people. Looks like OIL's, long shots, or raffles this year. I see a big gas bill trying to learn new areas!!! At least I'll have plenty of time to cook. :)
Please Ms Tag Fairy, please. I've been really good, and would love to have a nice tag or two this year. I even got the wife onboard for an improvement on the hunting camp!! Just picked this baby up today, at a great discounted price. Like the Post man, neither rain, snow, sleet, or hail shall keep me inside this year!! :)


The bass fishing stayed good down in Havasu, but once the temps get up into the upper 90's it's time for this boy to get back to Idaho. The new camping trailer towed great all the way home, and stored perfectly in the garage. Now to go exploring and find some new hunting spots!!!

Struck out in New Mexico for the first draws of the year. BOO!!



It would appear that my fences are getting further and further away! No luck in AZ for the elk/antelope, nothing in NM, and now my own state of Idaho hated my sheep app. The good news is the wife decided that she had so much fun on her late cow hunt last year that she wanted to try for a late buck or bull this winter. I was able to try for an extra WT doe or cow elk to go along with her. Now to just cross our fingers a little tighter. Probably no luck in Nevada or Utah, and even with 25 points in AZ for sheep, that is not realistic. Maybe I'll just load up the Jeep and go for a Spring drive.
The wife was free of appointments and asked to go for a big exploring trip here in our new area. Loaded up the Jeep and took off from Boise into the mountains in search of adventure. A couple hundred miles later, we poked back out above Fairfield and had finished all the adventure we wanted, and headed home. Ran into a bunch of antelope, deer, even a moose. Temps around 80 degrees, and garter snakes all over the roads in the sunshine. Hound hunters were prolific down low, but are still locked out of the high country around Prairie, Pine, and Featherville by a heavy snow pack. A lot of roads are closed, and it may be weeks before they open. The South Fork of the Boise is roaring right now, and there's a LOT of snow left to melt. Should keep the lakes full all summer!!!


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