UT Archery Elk outfitter??


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I have enough points to draw multiple Utah units now but am planning on 'trying' to draw in 24. Considering it's a once in a lifetime for me, I THINK I want to hire an outfitter to maximize my chances. Who do you recommend? I'd love to start the convo and have someone lined up. Unit choice...quandary- I want to apply where there is a bonus tag available and I can't draw the top 3 units. I'm in good shape and be 50 next year so there isn't a hunt style that I need to have. Rough country, horseback, so be it. Mature bull or bust, for me that's a 320 and up goal for me.
Good logic on what to do. You still have some excellent units that will easily fit your bill. With season dates this year, it gives you a better chance of scoring on a good bull. Assuming the three units (everyone talks about), you might want to focus on Central Mountains, which has a lot of good outfitters that would work. It depends on $$$ you wish to spend. Do some research and you should be able to nail it down. PM me, if you want my recommendations- I've used two and took bulls way above your standard into two of the units you are considering.
I don’t really see unit choices in the post….. but I know stubert is pretty good at getting people on bulls. And he is free.

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