Utah General Muzzy Bull


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The hunt started of unseasonably warm with mid 60's at 9,000 ft.

Come Saturday, the weather took a turn for the best as temperatures dropped 30 degrees and started dropping white stuff. As we entered a small drainage Saturday evening we came head on with a heard of elk. Four bulls and numberous cows were heading right for us. 40 yards shot with 295 grain bullet and my tag was filled.

No need to track because he wabbled about 10 yards and tipped over. Good times



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Good planning with good cold weather gets the job done every time.
Nice looking bull.

"I have found if you go the extra mile it's Never crowded".
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Congrats on a nice bull on a tough hunt. I love the muzzy hunt for elk here in Utah on the open bull,, Very Bitter Sweet Nice job south slope??

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