Which non-typical is the one for you?

Which Buck Would You Be Getting After?

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Which non-typical is the one for you? And why? Better looking? Just more bone? Wider? ???

Buck 1

Buck 2

Buck 3

Buck 4
big buck 2.jpg

Buck 5
I chose 3, but after reading the responses and looking at them again, I think 1. But they are all nice enough to get a free ride in my truck.

Along those same lines, 1 and 3 look very similar to me. Maybe a year or two apart?
I’m going #2 love dat mass!

1 would have done it I think if he had eye guards and think the front on picture helps make him look appealing 😬 but for real any I would fill with any tag…
I do like the look of #1. I agree Buck 1 and 3 almost look like the same Buck. The mass on Buck 2 is impressive, sticking with #1.
Would love any of them. However, #3 gets my vote for just being a great looking buck with extras and some decent mass.

Interesting to see that different things trip peoples trigger. Glad to see the difference in opinions.
Any of those bucks would be amazing. But the only correct answer is number 5. He's got the eye guards that number 1 is missing.
1- PASS, willowy lack of mass
2- PASS, silly small frame
3- PASS, small and feminine, or lazy
4- PASS, ginger and probably poisonous
5- PASS, wipe that milk off its lips

Good area though. Probably find a decent one somewhere.
I'm surprised Elkass hasn't jumped on here bawling about how these bucks still need a couple more years to become something special. I picked #5 but I do wished there was a straight on view of him.
An awesome problem to have, trying to choose between the 5 bucks.
For me it would be #4. He has a tank of a body and probably makes the rack look a bit smaller than is. I think the rack would grow the closer you got.

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