Who said 2020 was bad!!


Well to say I am a proud father would be an understatement! The year started off great as it was finally time to send in applications for my son Wyatt who turned 12 in May. After the drawing he was able to draw some tags but not all and so did I. (But I did finally draw my Unit 61 first rifle bull. I was unsuccessful on that hunt and its a story for another day.) He was successful in drawing a cow tag, a buck deer and a late doe antelope. Now while that is a great first year, he was extremely disappointed that he didn't draw a buck antelope license. After tons and tons of phone calls and scouring the internet I was able to find him a Land Owner Voucher for Antelope right here at home. He was able to take the cow on opening morning 355 yards after a couple of very shakey shots and some less than impressive and not PG language and coaching from me he connected. Later that evening my dad also connected on a nice cow. Now we have to make the mad dash for home, Elk opened on October 1st (Thursday) and Antelope opens on Saturday the 3rd. We make it home and take the elk to the processor. Instead of going home from there and unloading and getting ready for antelope we decided to go scout until dark. Wyatt was able to find a buck that he really wanted and so did a couple other guys, and we wound up "putting him to bed". Opening morning of Antelope found us looking through the spotting scope long before it was light enough to see. I could see the antelope right were we left them. The buck was hanging near a creek drainage and we were able to close the distance to 150 yards. The buck chased a smaller buck up out of the creek and stopped and facing directly at us. After what seemed to be an hour he turned his body broadside, it was at this moment I laid my binoculars on the ground because I was shaking so bad and told Wyatt "just squeeze it". The rifle barked and he was dead before he hit the ground. Now lets skip forward to plains deer. October 26th plains deer opener. Opening morning found us glassing up a few deer but not much to be seen. As we were setting there waiting my youngest son said "hey dad there's a buck" as Wyatt and myself look over and sure enough there stands a buck and a good one. I told Wyatt "get on him and shoot" and he hastley replies "how far is he?" now that my blood is boiling and being so mad I can't see straight the deer drops down into a drainage and never shows again. Later that day and getting solid advice from my dad I had a talk with Wyatt about the morning and how it had all played out. He was so worried about the yardage which I estimate wouldn't of been more than 150 yards and I explained to him about the old days before range finders and on and on. We were able to talk and I apologized for getting on him about not shooting. Second day brings cold, snow and wind so brutal that it was near impossible to stay out in it and the deer were not moving. Third day comes and the cold and snow are still there but the wind quit. Early that morning we spot some deer high on the bluffs but don't have permission to access this ground. Wyatt asked me if he could call the landowner again and I agreed but told him "do you think he changed his mind?" After a short conversation Wyatt hangs up and looks at me with the biggest **** eating grin I've ever seen and said "lets go". At this point I'm not sure who is more excited! We make our way around to the top off the bluffs and start our stalk. When we left the pickup it was 4 degrees. As we crest the top off the bluffs I can see deer everywhere and was able to find a good buck. But no sooner than I seen him they ALL seen us. The deer moved down the drainage and came out into a clearing, Wyatt was set up and was able to make the shot, it connected but the deer stayed on his feet. I told Wyatt to get another one in him and he cranked off another. The buck went about 10 feet and piled up. 2020 has been such an uncertain year for all of us but getting out with family this fall has been absolutely amazing! So in conclusion I am one "Proud Dad!!!"
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It looks like you have a hunting partner for life! The same scene played out for me many years ago and since then we have been on many amazing adventures together. Congratulations Proud Dad and son.

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