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After last year elk tags kicked my butt I am looking for redemption in 2021. We did fill 4 antelope tags and a deer tag and my wife shot a cow and we were grateful to have the meat. Looking forward to getting the draw results soon! I did draw a 3rd season CO deer tag with a few points that was not affected by point creep.


I got 1 full day off and 1 evening and 1 morning before and after the full day to go chase general elk with a bow. I got into bugles every time out from camp and 1 time had a very nice bull at 82 yards that I didn't shoot. Too many things can go wrong at that distance and I passed on the biggest bull I have ever had the chance to kill. Fun trip none the less...walked 24 miles in those 2 days.




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Oct 15th 2021 will be forever be a day of legends. I will tell my kids and grandkids about this day for the rest of my life. First off my buddy from college came to hunt with me. We hunted back east all through college together but hadn't hunted together in 10 years until Oct 15th. I only had 2 days away from work and so he went down and set up camp yesterday afternoon. I got there about 730pm last night and we formed a plan for general elk opener on the 15th!

540am alarm goes off.
6am leave camp.
700am deer every where but season already closed.
720 walking to next knob to glass and spot elk 900 yards away.
758am kill my first bull at 387 yards. Tough thing took 4 shots to drop. Actually dropped on second shot but got back up. Hit him all four times.
830am. We drove around and got the truck 208 yards from elk..
1015am arrive back at camp.
1016am wife texts to kill a deer on the way home.
11am depart camp to move to general deer area.
2pm arrive in general deer area and 5 miles into area on a tiny tiny piece of blm stands a good buck.
230pm quarter up the buck and text my wife I shot one.
231pm wife texts back and said go fill your antelope tag!
4pm arrive at home. Drop off meat from elk and deer to continue to cool.
5pm arrive in second choice antelope unit and then quickly realized why its a second choice antelope unit. Must have been 30 camps and 40 trucks in the small area.
8pm arrive home.

I tried to pull off the WYO HAT TRICK in one day but couldn't get it done. Either way it was an unbelievable day to shoot my first elk and biggest buck on the same day with an old hunting buddy with me!

I still have 2 cow tags, 1 whitetail tag, the antelope tag I probably won't even try again on.... and a 3rd season CO deer tag that I have been very excited about drawing for a few years now.




Day 2. Still warm. Hiked into a new valley and got into 30+ does and 5 little bucks. Sat in that valley all day.
Day 3. Finally cold temperatures arrived. We decided to go back into the valley before and hoped a mature buck moved into the valley. 30 min after daylight we had spotted 40+ does and 8 bucks including a good looking deer that pushing a group of does. We spotted him at 1200 yards. Make a plan to cut the distance. Snuck over a little rise we picked out and they had fed towards us. A quick range and get the phone scope out. 1 shot at 337 and my brother had shot his biggest buck. While my 2 brothers went to start cutting up I spotted another couple bucks that looked ok. We loaded up the meat and headed to another knob to glass the rest of the day. That evening we saw another 5 bucks and started calling two of them brothers because they were identical looking 4x3. Here is my bros buck. I will post video tomorrow.

Day 4. We went in the neighboring canyon that had a pile of does and the brother bucks. Daylight and deer are every where. Brothers had moved 1000 yards over night and we hoped a bigger buck would move in. About a hour after daylight I spotted a good game frame buck coming down a ridge into the basin above the brother bucks and does. He pushed the bucks off and started in on the does. Pics at 1300 yards.


We dropped off the glassing knob and started to sneak around to get a shot. At 400 a couple stragling does and fork horn spotted us. All the deer got nervous and I got set up for a shot. He wouldn't stop and I missed him at 450.
Deer scattered in all directions and the big buck left the does and headed higher. We chased him over a ridge but couldn't turn him up again. We ate lunch, took a short nap and while my brother went glassing. He came back 45 min later and says "want to shoot a brother?"

I had knee surgery (thanks college soccer) in the summer and it was killing me at this point. So I told him. If we see the bigger 4x3 bro I will kill him if I can.
Ran out of time on the second choice whitetail tag. Life is 90 mph sometimes and tags don't get filled.

I did meet my bro in law and his brothers for a type 6 cow tag I enjoy going on. Set up the big tent and stove. We ate like kings and found some elk. Doubled up the first morning. Brutal hike out with 2 elk and 3 guys. A little chilly one morning. Didn't carry any bones. Lots of pressure in this unit but we still find elk.

One more type 6 cow tag for my wife, and I. My non resident brother has 2 boys with the same cow tag so hopefully we can knock a few down around the new year. Its been a true WyHomeing Dream season so far!




My nephews came into town with a couple cow tags and conditions were tough. Found some elk on a huge flat... got to 280 once with a 35 mph cross wind and my 16 year old nephew missed. That wrapped up our season!

I got my wyo general deer head back and my little girl says "dead deer daddy"

Can't wait for 2022 WyHOMEing Dream Season 3.



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