Wyo Non Res opening day reminder


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Well, May 8th Wyoming opener as expected was nothing more than a reminder of how bad it was last year. Only bones from those who didn't make it last year. Very few sign of any deer, some elk. No new shed antlers, a couple last years. Slim pickin's. Hopefully some of you had better luck. Wait for the herds to rebound.
I went to a place in Colorado a couple of days ago. A study area very disturbing site. I stopped counting carcasses after 50. 90% of mule deer the rest is mostly cow elk. Likely from winter 22/23. Lots of missing deadheads.
Worst year my family has experienced in WY shed hunting. 3 sheds, total of 8 points. All dinks. Between the 4 of us, I'd say we hiked 23 miles. My daughter and I each did 8, and my sons split the rest. Glad they took their BB guns. We had fun hiking around and blabbing on the walkies... they want to go again next weekend. Something about the mountains is just special to us.

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