Xylitol to kill coyotes!



After reading several different articles about the subject I believe this something that all of us could do to help decimate the coyote population. Apparantly, as little as 3 grams of Xylitol will kill a 65 lb dog. It causes a massive drop in blood sugar in canines and causes liver failure in a matter of hours. Xylitol is found in chewing gum as well as mouthwash and other dental products. They sell it in health food stores and dentist offices around the country.

My point is that this is something that could help thin the coyote population. Maybe we should start carrying a bottle or two in or packs and when we leave a gutpile or carcass we sprinkle or spray what is left with Xylitol in hopes the local coyote population enjoys their last sugar filled high.

I plan to take some on the deer hunt. Couldn't hurt. Hope it works on wolves too.




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Sweet! Pun intended? :)

I'm going to have to tell the kids to be careful where they spit their gum out. We always have xylitol gum, mints and toothepaste and it sounds like we don't need our family dog getting into it!



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The problem with poisons is that they are indiscriminate in what they kill. The cyanide traps were more selective as they had a pull trigger that eliminated most non-canines from getting killed. I don't know that xylitol would have the same effect on non canines, but in most areas we don't have an over abundance of foxes and they are a much lesser threat to deer--though no doubt they do eat the odd fawn.


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That stuff is total death to dogs destroys their livers among other things. I would be real careful if I were to use it where a guys bird dogs could wonder into it an take a lick. I know if I was hunting birds during or after the big game season and my dogs got into it I would be looking to find out how.


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The only questing is how do you get them to eat it. My sisters dogs would never eat tooth paste when I was growing up because i tried to force it down their throats. Their breath smelled like they ate their own butts or something. lol I hated those dogs!


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