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09:44 AM (MST)
"Black Timber Outfitters"

Hey Guys,
Several of you have sent me messages asking me about Black Timber Outfitters and my experience with there
organization.I have been traveling and out of pocket so sorry for the delay in my response.

I will sum my experience up in a few words: They are a great
group of guys with a passion for hunting and it was my priviledge too have hunted with them last year in probably the one of the best units in the state of Utah.
The black brothers and their staff are hard working ,honest folks and did there best to ensure everyone had a great hunt.
Hunting especially in the mountains can be physically and mentally tough and a good guide is a great asset to have on such a hunt.

I would highly recommend Black Timber outfitters to anyone that would want to hunt on the San Juan.

Good Luck and God Bless

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